Control Panel


Control PanelSeries 4000 Dual Zone-Automatic Insect Control System


  • Available in Analog or Digital. (No cost difference to the consumer just customers preference). Analog timer is easier to use which is beneficial to some. Digital timer allows for different settings, for different days a week, for example  Monday thru Thursday could be set different from the weekend.     

  • Power backup feature keeps time in both the analog model (3-7 Days) and the digital model (30-60 days), during power outages.

  • Empty level indicators (system shuts down at empty) show the fluid level within the unit.

  • Built in circuit breaker (If there should be a system power overload, the system will “pop” its own circuit breaker before it affects your home).

  • Systems come with a dual zone remote control, which will activate each zone independantly (coaxial cable can be run to provide 500’ of range).

  • To ensure even distribution of product during sprays, an aerator is incorporated.

  • Control panel is sealed from moisture at the clasped enclosure lid and the often overlooked area where wiring goes into and exits the control panel.

  • Internal circuitry has built-in back up components to prevent “system dumping”. System dumping is when the motor is stuck in the run position and the entire reservoir empties into the environment and your yard.

  • Clear lid allows customer to see control panel status and settings.

  • Available in 1/2 HP and 1/3 HP motor.  1/2 HP up-to 120 nozzles per zone, 1/3 HP up-to 60 nozzles per zone.

  • Available with 55 gallon or 125 gallon black drum.

  • Two totally independent zones, allows for complete independent operation of the system.


Why a Dual Zone System is Beneficial.


  1. COntrol Panel MotorA dual zone system can be configured to allow one system to deliver from more nozzles,
  2. It will for greater flexibility when designing a system, for example it will allow for more frequent sprays for areas that are highly infested or considered breeding, resting, feeding and hiding areas than say from nozzles on the fascia that you would want to spray only less frequently. If the situation required a spray of 1-2 times a day on the fascia nozzles for 25 seconds and a spray of 5 times a day on the perimeter or fence nozzles. The dual zone system could do that. And even better when combined with the digital clock you can even adjust the frequency of spray by the day or weekdays versus weekends. Which will allow for incredible flexibility when designing nozzle location and scheduling spray times for a system.
  3. Because of better control you will utilize the product in the most beneficial way possible maximizing the dollars of insecticide and benefit obtained from them.