Outdoor Cooling Misting Systems Benefits

  • Everyone stays COOL and DRY
  • Zone Pump System
  • 1000 psi of flow ensures evaporation
  • Customize cooling areas to exact specifications
  • Misting Systems has specialized all weather fans move cool air to desired location
  • Ceramic nozzles in our misting systems resists corrosion and clogging
  • Minimal operating costs for Maximum Outdoor Cooling

Cooling Solutions


Outdoor Colling SystemHow Outdoor Cooling Works


Our Zone Pump Misting System forces water through a specialized Uni-Nozzle System for maximum efficiency and cooling. The water evaporates within 3 feet of being ejected from the misting system, creating a reduction in the ambient temperature. Cool air is moved to a desired location without getting anyone wet.


Reliable Misting Systems


Uni-Nozzle System reduces ambient temperatures from 15 to 20 degrees!


With Merritt, you can count on quality, reliability, and dependability. Our outdoor misting systems come with a guarantee of satisfaction.  


We offer a one-year warranty on our misting systems products and are confident that you will enjoy our outdoor cooling product. Performance Guaranteed!!!


Restaurant Outdoor Cooling


Let's face it. Bans on indoor smoking are costing restaurants profits. Customers who once enjoyed dinner and cocktails are now being forced outdoors. What's worse is that these are your most profitable customers. In many cases, owners are citing a 30 - 40% reduction in restaurant and bar spending.

To counteract this reduction in spending, restaurant owners are being forced to build outdoor dining areas to accommodate smokers. The problem is that for 6 months out of the year, it is too hot to eat outside and your restaurant's patio investment sits empty.


Amusement Parks, Zoos & Parks


Attendance trends will show you that sales in the Amusement Park Industry tend to be very cyclical. The low points in the cycle tend to be in the hottest months of the summer and the coldest months of the winter. Let's face it - if its too hot or too cold, know one in their right mind wants to stand outside and wait in line. Its just not gonna happen.

Now what if you could make it feel like it was a nice 70 degree day outdoors, 365 days of the year? Imagine what that would do to that low point in the seasonal sales cycle. Merritt can make that a reality.

An Outdoor Climate Control System from Merritt can create custom comfort zones for strategic sections or your entire park, making it a pleasant year round experience, whether standing in line or eating in a crowded pavilion.


Outdoor Sports


If you're playing or watching sports outdoors, there is no doubt about it - IT'S HOT! Most people don't realize or take into account the heat index either. The Heat Index is the temperature the body feels when heat and humidity are combined. So for instance, if it is 90 degrees outside and humidity is at 70% - the heat index is 105 degrees! That's dangerous!

With heat related injuries on the rise each year, it is absolutely essential that you keep your players and spectators cool. Merritt provides a number of solutions ranging from small portable systems to permanently installed cooling solutions.