Our Patent Pending System and Multi-Zone Controller is Perfect for All Kinds of Applications Including:


  • Schools
  • Government Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Convention Centers
  • Airport Terminals
  • Casinos
  • Warehouse Facilities
  • Shopping Centers
  • Big Box Stores
  • Super Stores
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Movie Complexes
  • Residential
  • And More...


Patent Pending Multi-Zone Controller


  • Capable of Fully Automatic Synchronization With Each Condenser.
  • Each Zone Works Independantly and/or Simultanouesly as Needed.
  • Maximizes your Dollars by Using One High Pressure Pump for Multiple Purposes.
  • Available as an Independant Controller or as an Assembly with the High Pressure Pump.


Enviro Cool-N-GreenTM


EnviroOur Patent Pending System, Utilizes our Patent Pending High Pressure Multi-Zone Controller to Allow the Cooling of Patios and Condensers From the Same High Pressure Pumping System.  An Optional Central Pressure Washing System is also Available.


Our Unique Condenser Cooling System Is Fully Automatic and Synchronized to Work Only When Your A/C Is Running.


If There are Multiple Condensers the Patent Pending System will Synchronize Independently with each Condenser using our Patent Pending Multi-Zone Controller.


If Refrigeration, Walk-In or Other Cooler Condensers are Present they can be Included in our Design to Improve Their Efficiency and Increase Energy Savings.


No Scaling on the Condenser due to Our Scale Treatment of the Water and our Filtration System.


Our Patent Pending System is Capable of Providing Independent Patio Cooling from the Same High Pressure Pump using our Patent Pending Multi-Zone Controller.


No Wetness due to our High Pressure 1000psi or more System, Resulting in 10 Micron Water Droplets or Smaller.  The Typical Low Pressure System’s Average Droplet Size is 600 Microns.


Optional Central Pressure Washing System is Available. 


Applications Include: Residential. Commercial, Restaurants, Hotels, Office Buildings, Factories, Agricultural, Grocery Stores, Super Stores, Retail Stores.  Anywhere a Condenser or Outdoor area Needs to be Cooled.


Why Enviro Cool N Green is good for the Environment and the Pocketbook.


  1. Our Country and the World is facing environmental and energy concerns-Going Green can make Dollars and Sense, by saving the Environment and the Pocketbook.
  2. Our Enviro Cool N GreenTM system, Manufactured and Designed in Florida for High and Low Humidity Environments, can significantly reduce the energy consumption of the A/C system, extend the life of the system and improve its efficiency.
  3. Reduced energy demand means lower CO2 emisions, from power plants generating the energy and that equals savings to the consumer and for the environment.


A/C Facts


Air Conditioning (HVAC) accounts for up to 70% of the typical buildings energy usage.  Facilities with coolers, like grocery stores, restaurants, super stores, hotels, and convenience stores can have an even higher percentage up to 90%.  source Progress Energy.


Air Conditioning (HVAC) cooling systems not only run longer under high ambient temperature, they also draw more power when they run, which results in more wear and tear, and both kWh and kW usage increase greatly.


It is difficult to further reduce HVAC system energy use beyond typical practices, such as night setback modes and warmer thermostat settings.  Therefore the only way to reduce energy usage is to make the systems run more efficiently.